Why Dyson created the Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Vacuum CleanersTo understand what James Dyson set out to change in 1978 with his Dyson Vacuum Cleaner we need to go all the way back to 1901. That’s when another English Inventor, by the name of Hubert Cecil Booth invented the first one.

By today’s standards that cleaner certainly does not qualify as the best vacuum for carpet or any other surface.

Admittedly at that time most houses had hard wood floors and rugs, not the wall to wall carpets popular today


Modern vacuum cleaners don’t actually work by creating a vacuum at all, and neither did the early ones. More accurately the machine that Booth invented was designed to suck up and filter air. No actual vacuum involved.

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The Innovative Technologies of Top Rated Shavers


Gone are the days when you struggle to get a clean and close shaves with electric razors. Modern electric shavers are very efficient and sophisticated. Top rated shaver will not only give you a close shave just like the manual blade but it is much more comfortable to use. All these great experience is but the technological innovations of electric shavers.

Innovative Shavers Head

Modern electric shavers are equipped with very efficient shaver head. They are very powerful, efficient and fast. Panasonic ESLV81 K is presently the most powerful shaver with 5 blades. This is the only shaver with 5 blades. Check out more details here.

The shaver heads of present shavers are not only powerful but every flexible. They are design to follow the contours of your face easily, and very efficiently even in the most tricky areas such as the chin and neck. It makes shaving effortless, and you really don’t have to go through the hassles that one face with shaving blades.

Shavers like the Braun series 7 include technology like Optifoil and ActiveLift within their shaver head. These features will help lift up flat lying hairs easily for cutting.

Automatic cleaning and charging systems

You will not have to clean your shaver manually which can be tedious. Top notch shavers include cleaning and charging system that will automatically cleans, lubricate and charge the shaver. All these are done at a press of a button. In fact, some shavers will also give a fresh lemon smell after every cleaning cycle.

It is now very convenient to maintain your shaver but you will need to spend some extra cash for all these conveniences. You have to buy the cleaning solution which is alcohol based.


We all have different hair and skin type, and this is the reason why we have different choices when it comes to picking up the right shaver. Many modern shavers give you the options to personalize your shaver according to your skin and hair.

For example, you can choose between normal, sensitive and intensive while shaving. This is really a helpful feature for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Pickmyshaver.com is an ultimate site for those of you who want honest and unbiased reviews of top rated electric shavers. If you want to learn more about the latest electric shavers and their features click here.

Modern electric shavers also very stylish and elegant too. They also offer attractive pouches for easy carry while travelling.

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The Basic of Computer Font – An Overview


Computer font which is often referred as “font” is primarily an electronic data file that consist a set of glyph which is the element of writing, characters, and symbols like dingbats. At present there are three basic types of computer font – they are Bitmap, Outline and Stroke.

The 3 types of font we used in computer codes – Advantages and Disadvantages

Bitmap Fonts

Bitmap fonts are not scalable and flexible as it requires separate size of each font but they are much easier to incorporate in computer code. It will store every glyph as an array of pixels making it easy to render. The one advantage of bitmap fonts is that it is easier to create than the other two kinds of font. It will give the same exact outputs.

However, the disadvantage of this font is that the visual quality is poor when we alter the size. As mention bitmap fonts are not scalable and when scaled or transformed it produces poor visual quality.

The bitmap fonts were exclusively used with earlier computers because of their limited processing power and memory. This is however not the case anymore and Outline and Stroke are becoming more popular with modern computers because of their flexibility. Yet, bitmap fonts will be creating a high quality visual font when presented at their original pixel size.

Outline Fonts

Outline Fonts are also known as “Vector Fonts”, they are a collection of Vector images. This refers to the set of lines and curves it uses to define glyphs. This font became famous with the introduction of desktop publishing. The need for integrating graphic user interface with supporting devices as a universal standard became even more important. This is commonly known as What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG).

The advantage of Outline Fonts is that it is scalable without pixellation or disoriented of the font. This is done my applying a mathematical function to scale fonts to the desired size. The beauty of this font is that it is scalable to any desired size provided the right processing and software.

The disadvantage of Outline fonts is that it can’t be rendered accurately onto computer screens and printers. It will need refined software particularly to implement visual correctly. Modern computers are equipped to tackle Outline fonts but they will need much more processing power as compared to bitmap fonts.

Stroke Fonts

Similar to outline fonts, Stroke based fonts are defined by the verticals of individual stokes as the name suggest. But it requires fewer strokes as compared to outline fonts to define a glyph and considered an advantage. It is easier to edit a glyph with stroke fonts for developers and because developers makes less strokes to define a glyph they will makes less error. Developers in East Asian countries are dependent of stroke fonts and it is heavily marketed for this market.

All the three types of fonts are still in use but the most popular one is the outline fonts. Outline fonts are popular with modern computers. Also note that fonts specifically designed for computer screen and not printing are called screen fonts.

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The Font and Display Technology of All-New Kindle Paperwhite


Kindle e-reader devices are very popular in the market. In fact, Amazon claimed that it is the world’s best selling e-reader since Kindle was launched in 2007. We really don’t have a say if what they claimed is true or not, but what is important is that All-new Kindle Paperwhite is an amazing device to read books. And the reason why it is so popular is because they use Electronic Ink and special hand-tuned custom Fonts that resembles paper print if not better.

The Font technology of All-New Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle uses 8 different types of fonts to suit your needs. Each of these fonts is handmade to give its reader the ultimate reading experience. You can increase and decrease the font size to suit your preference. Again, the All-new Kindle Paperwhite is the latest edition which has improved display screen and higher screen resolution as compared to the older generation.

You’ll also find the basic Kindle without the physical keyboard or touch interface. When you compare between Kindle Vs Kindle Paperwhite 3G the differences are created targeting different customers. But the most significant differences are the lower pixel density and absence of touch interface with the basic Kindle as compared to Paperwhite. Visit Pick My Kindle site for more details.

Kindle also features a high resolution display to make the font appear sharp and clear. With higher resolution screen the whites are whiter and blacks are blacker making the font appear very sharp and distinct. To make a better reading experience and for maximum comfort all the 8 fonts of Kindle Paperwhite have been hand-tuned.

The Display Technology of Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite incorporates the latest version of E Ink technology which is the 4th Generation that feature 768×1024 resolution on 6-inch displays, with 212 pixels per inch. This makes the display of Kindle amazing for reading books.

E Ink reflects lights like real paper. It doesn’t emit backlit light like LCD and LED screens. But you don’t have to worry reading in the dark with Kindle Paperwhite as it comes with built-in light. You can read just like the LCD screen without even realizing that there are LED lights surround the display.

When you read from Kindle Paperwhite you won’t experience any glare while reading in the sunlight. And the biggest advantage of E Ink display is that it won’t tire your eyes like the LCD screens even if you read long form. The experience of reading from Kindle Paperwhite is awesome!

Amazon understands that it is not just a great display that makes your reading experience pleasing but the fonts are equally important. This is the reason why we have 8 many different fonts with Kindle Paperwhite to suit our preferences. Moreover, these fonts are hand-tuned to make it even better.

Apart from the great display and incredible fonts Kindle offer many other features to enhance our reading experience. For instance, Kindle battery life will last for 8 weeks from a single charge, and you can access over 2 millions of books straight from the Kindle. If you like reading books then Kindle e-book reading device is truly awesome and a must have for book enthusiast.

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